Improv Comedy Club and Dinner Theatre

Located in Pointe Orlando, the Improv Comedy Club and Dinner Theatre showcases acts ranging from local talent to some of the biggest names in comedy. In addition to the comedic performances, the Improv Comedy Club and Dinner Theatre also offers an assortment of food and beverage options.


Seating Info

The Improv Comedy Club and Dinner Theatre only offers general admission tickets with all seating done on a first come, first sat basis. Your entire party must be present to be seated as no seats can be held or reserved. Most tables are set up with 4 seats so smaller parties may be combined into one table and larger parties will be split between adjacent tables.


Parking Info

A five-story parking garage with over 2,600 spaces is located adjacent to the Pointe Orlando complex. Parking fees are $3.00 for the first two hours, $4.00 for three hours, $5.00 for four hours, and a maximum fee of $6.00.


Improv Orlando

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Address: 9101 International Drive, Suite 2310, Pointe Orlando, Orlando, FL 32819
Phone: (407) 480-5233

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