Travel Tip: Save Money with a Universal Orlando® Resort Quick Service Dining Plan

Orlando, FL — On our recent trip to Universal’s Islands of Adventure®, we were offered the option to purchase the Quick Service Dining Plan while waiting in line for lunch at Three Broomsticks™. We’ve never put much thought into purchasing this plan before; however, the Universal team member was very convincing that this meal plan was a great deal for the meals we were choosing.

She told the crowd the Quick Service Dining Plan cost $19.99 plus tax and we would receive 1 Quick Service Meal (entrée plus non-alcoholic beverage) to enjoy now plus 1 snack and 1 non-alcoholic beverage that we could enjoy later. She also assured the crowd the snack and additional beverage could be used on another visit as these credits don’t expire.

In the team member’s example, if we were to choose the rib & chicken combo with a tea, the total would be over $18 before tax. She said for just two more dollars, we could later enjoy a snack (yes, Butterbeer is an option) plus a non-alcoholic beverage. Two people in our party chose to try out the dining plan.

© Universal Orlando Resort. All rights reserved.

© Universal Orlando Resort. All rights reserved.


For lunch, I chose the spareribs platter with corn on the cob & roasted potatoes (15.99 + tax) and a sweet tea ($3.29 + tax). Later, I picked up a regular coke ($2.99 + tax) and a churro ($3.99). The total for all of my purchases would have been $26.26 plus tax, so I ended up saving $6.27 by purchasing the Quick Service Dining Plan.

The other person in our party fared slightly better. For lunch, they also chose the spareribs platter (15.99 + tax) and a sweet tea ($3.29 + tax) but they also used their snack credit to get a regular Butterbeer ($4.99 + tax). Later, they grabbed a regular coke ($2.99 + tax). The total for all of their purchases would have been $27.26 plus tax, so they ended up saving a dollar more for a total of $7.27.

Like the team member suggested, we both made great use of the dining plan at Three Broomsticks™; however, would the same be said if we had chosen less expensive meals? For example, if I would have selected the cornish pasties with a garden salad ($8.99 + tax) and left my other selections the same, my total would have only been $19.26 plus tax resulting in a loss of 73 cents.

© All rights reserved.

© All rights reserved.


Although you can save up to 30% with the Quick Service Dining Plan, be aware certain food selections may not give you the savings you are expecting. Also, make sure you purchase dining plan items separate from other items to ensure the most expensive items are used for the plan. At the register, the team member said the dining plan would select the least expensive item so he kindly split our order into multiple checks.

If you choose to purchase the Quick Service Dining Plan, it is good at over 100 locations throughout the Universal Orlando® Resort, including CityWalk at Starbucks, Cinnabon, Bread Box and Hot Dog Hall of Fame. Non-alcoholic beverage credits may be used towards a regular-sized fountain soda, bottled water, juice, sports drink, coffee, cocoa or tea. Snack credits may be used towards Butterbeer, churros, pretzels, popcorn, ice cream, funnel cakes, cookies and pastries.

Dining plans are also available for $12.99 plus tax for children (ages 3 to 9). For additional information on this dining plan or to view Universal’s other dining plans, visit the Dining Plan page on the official Universal Orlando® Resort website.

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